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28th-Mar-2011 10:16 am(no subject)
"There's a lot of debate about aneroxia, especially after the Black Swan drama, but I think it's totally fine, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE FAT!!!!!!!  But yes there's obviously a fine line between disciplined training to lower your overall weight and starving yourself to death.  That's insanity, not aneroxia."

Actual quote pulled straight from this website : no loss if this one starved herself to death.

This girl sickens me in every way possible, and I really hope that her eyeballs fall out from malnourishment combined with those god-awful circle lenses. Seriously, people like this basically help little girls kill themselves with their eating disorders everyday.

27th-Mar-2011 06:02 pm - Updated, Erase It.
It's been a very long time since I updated here and I've just spent a long time deleting things.

Let's face facts here...

During my gap year I was a horrible fucking irritating, digusting person.
"i miss him"
"i like him"
"oh my life"


I was severely depressed and totally dependent on the meaningless encounters I had with people who really just made everything worse than it was.

I know what it means to love and be loved, I know what it actually means to be happy and content and I have to say I was a massive Twat.

I always told myself I wouldn't delete old posts because they showed my state of mind, but tbh I don't want reminding of that time anymore. I lived it once, and I will never live like that again. I will never let myself get that unhappy again.

I cannot erase the past, but i can feel ashamed and disgusted that I was ever brought that low without getting the help I should have. And now I'm a better and stronger person for it all, I can erase that year's reminders and I can finally starts afresh and move forward.
2nd-Apr-2010 02:14 am(no subject)
Just found the scariest Christian run movie website.

Their news page featured stories like "homosexual forces 5x - 20x more likely to rape", "obama is a commie, supported by commies and the health care reform is communist" and "PRON IS BAAAAAAAD!"

I don't know many americans, but i do not understand the views against a national healthcare system. If it's going to help give medical care to the poorest of the poor then i'm all for it; that's what our NHS does. And if it's a little bit shoddy because of how many people abuse it, then i'll just go private, because i have the choice.

I'm happy to pay for people to survive. Why aren't the anti-health-care americans?
13th-Jan-2010 11:13 am(no subject)
It's really come to something when the milk that's been left out on the side of the kitchen over night is colder than the milk you take out the freezer!

Luke warm tea is just not going cutting it this morning.

Still reeling from the 'only gonna sleep after 4.a.m because body is a cruel bitch' combined with 'mom shocking me out of a dream at 9 a.m., leaving me disorientated to the point where it's only just fading'.

Dreams where your front room is a garden, and a giant pithon living in the rockery decides to sneak round the sofa and suffocate your dog are fucking terrifying. To the point i even asked mom if he was ok, because i was convinced he was going to be eaten.

5th-Jan-2010 05:23 pm(no subject)
i haven't properly updated this for aaaages, despite checking my friends page EVERY DAY!

i guess everything has been so good recently, i've not needed the outlet.

I'm now at university (KEELE FTW!) and consequently have a tonne of new friends, most of which are sort of peripheral aquaintances who i love hanging with, but some who are friends for life in the true BFFL sense of the word. Work is hard, rewarding and boring, but i'm getting through it and trying my hardest to do the best i can. First year is tough though :/

I've had my first snowy winter since i was a tiny child, although that kinds goes for everyone in UK atm. It's been great, wrapping up warm, eating comfort food and generally whining about the state of the roads and county.

I've been watching the news since i came home for xmas again, so finally feel i have debatable topics again. This makes me happy and feel worthwhile again.

It's 7 months today with The Boy, and everything is still great. Plans and dreams are all over the place and i've never been happier. This is what smugness looks like :).

basically.... life is good for once.

5th-Jan-2010 05:13 pm(no subject)
Dear those planning this march through wootten-bassett...


no seriously fuck you. I think what you're planning is dispicable, and will serve no other purpose than showing the utmost disrespect for everything that village does for the soldiers who die fighting for their country. You're using this march as nothing more than publicity to feed your egos; there can be no other reason for the choice of town.

I can only hope that the muslim community as a whole don't suffer from your actions as a result of this.

18th-Dec-2009 08:20 pm - Xmas list 09

This year because i have been a good good girl can i have:

Paul Frank Hef skullcandies
A DSLite with Pokemon Diamond so i can battle M and steal all his awesome pokemon
A fucking massive bottle of gin that will last me the year at uni
Plenty of nice and slightly sexy underwear (ask Mrs Claus for this, she seems pretty hot stuff)
Jelly tots. My weight in them.
POWERTHIRST!!!1!!!. (and 400 babies)
Louboutin 'Scandal' clutch in black silk (homghomghomg yum)


P.S. carrots for Rudolph as per, but do you really fancy a mince pie this year cos i make a kickass cottage pie???

Or at least, not that i know about.

So i want to post this to ONTD_Startrek, but imma just wait for the next fanart big post and sling a link in there methinks.

I was shopping with my boyf a few days back, just wandering round the Merrion Centre in Leeds, when i happened upon a TREASURE TROVE of useless crap: Hawkin's Bazaar store (i lolled). Searching the cool stuff inside i happened upon something (at first) seemingly boring. I found a "Doodle-a-coin-bank-bear"; a white plastic, bear-shaped piggy bank complete with one small black pen for random doodles. At first i walked past, but a thought began to emerge into my overobsessed and undersaturated brain....


Upon the boyf kindly buying me said Doodle-Bear i ran promptly to WHSmith, bought a mahoosive ton of sharpie markers featuring 'Science Officer Blue', 'Beautiful Eyes Brown' and 'Star-Fleet Insignia Yellow' (and a few other non-ST related colours) and set about designing my very own Spock!CoinBankBear.

[Please excuse the pictures: to take decent ones with my camera would involve 1) finding it. 2) finding batteries for it. 3) taking the picture. 4) finding the USB. 5) connecting, uploading and editing. 6) posting. Using my webcam has taken only 3) and 6).]

So here we have the fruits of a rather bored, naturally unartistic, deeply happy Spock!Bear owner :

Live Long and Start-Savings Spock!Bear.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Please ignore my face, my hair, THE ROOTS IN MY HAIR WHICH BLATES DO NOT EXIST, and the fact i am in bed xD.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The obligatory closeup.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You'd be surprised at how difficult it is to draw tiny wee circles with only a regular sharpie marker. But here is our Science Officer's insignia in it's full glory

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And because i'm a stickler for little details where my attention span allows; a close-up of his Command rankstripes :)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Next project is for my mom's finance's birthday next week. I'm making him his very own CoinBear: Klingon Commander Kor (hopefully) complete with real gold lame sash and netting trousers. Will post pics if i manage to make something acceptable.
3rd-Jul-2009 06:00 pm - OM NOM NOM
So the party monday was super sweet.

Had a great time, but considering how Tuesday's drydock has given me something better imma definitely say that i preferred that night out, despite missing the BFF like i lost half my face or something.

Can't wait for sunday. Already very stoked :]
28th-Jun-2009 07:56 pm - party party party party party down
tomorrow. excited.
also got my bones stamp *dances*. going to sling that up in uno momento methinks.

slow day today though. my g.parents have overfed me, my greenhouses have been thoroughly watered and i have washing to be doing and instead find myself interneting and being 'cool'.

Notes to self for today:
1) buy new laptop. old one is dead, and cannot share sammyboys any longer.
2) download the gladiator soundtrack. cry. ALOT!
3) download reading list from Keele and begin learning stuff. preferably stuff that is good for a history/law and not just relevant to star trek.
4) buy more star trek episodes; i only have four left of the videos we have to watch. MUST. EBAY. NOW!

i think that's all, for now at least :]
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