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close to the birds but wishing for wings.
Xmas list 09 
18th-Dec-2009 08:20 pm

This year because i have been a good good girl can i have:

Paul Frank Hef skullcandies
A DSLite with Pokemon Diamond so i can battle M and steal all his awesome pokemon
A fucking massive bottle of gin that will last me the year at uni
Plenty of nice and slightly sexy underwear (ask Mrs Claus for this, she seems pretty hot stuff)
Jelly tots. My weight in them.
POWERTHIRST!!!1!!!. (and 400 babies)
Louboutin 'Scandal' clutch in black silk (homghomghomg yum)


P.S. carrots for Rudolph as per, but do you really fancy a mince pie this year cos i make a kickass cottage pie???
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