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close to the birds but wishing for wings.
i haven't properly updated this for aaaages, despite checking my… 
5th-Jan-2010 05:23 pm
i haven't properly updated this for aaaages, despite checking my friends page EVERY DAY!

i guess everything has been so good recently, i've not needed the outlet.

I'm now at university (KEELE FTW!) and consequently have a tonne of new friends, most of which are sort of peripheral aquaintances who i love hanging with, but some who are friends for life in the true BFFL sense of the word. Work is hard, rewarding and boring, but i'm getting through it and trying my hardest to do the best i can. First year is tough though :/

I've had my first snowy winter since i was a tiny child, although that kinds goes for everyone in UK atm. It's been great, wrapping up warm, eating comfort food and generally whining about the state of the roads and county.

I've been watching the news since i came home for xmas again, so finally feel i have debatable topics again. This makes me happy and feel worthwhile again.

It's 7 months today with The Boy, and everything is still great. Plans and dreams are all over the place and i've never been happier. This is what smugness looks like :).

basically.... life is good for once.

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