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close to the birds but wishing for wings.
Recent Entries 
26th-Jun-2009 06:41 pm(no subject)

My hair is currently residing in two plaits twisted above my head again. I feel like Heidi. Maybe Gretchen.
I haven't decided yet.

My beautiful BFFL, me with the Heidi/Gretchen 'do, and my BFFL's pretty friend Roz :]. This photo also features a lovely shot right down the front of my dress because i seem to be incapable of keeping my "so-small-they're-practically-nonexistant" assets under wraps. Ah dear!

Need a couple more votes on startrek_rate until i can get my McCoy stamp. i'm a little bit too 'cited.

I have also just learnt how to link to websites using html. Flipping Ace :D!
24th-Jun-2009 06:16 pm(no subject)
Poorly day
Woke up at about half past four. Moaned for two hours about how nauseous i felt till i was promptly ill all over the place, snoozed on and off for four hours, intersperced with more lovely illness before sleeping properly and waking up feeling fine.


i like how my body can't actually decide what it's doing, whether it is ill, or ok, or just a bit peaky?

"it was only a little joke!"
"yes ensign. a very little one."
22nd-Jun-2009 11:36 pm(no subject)

i was thinking today.... if i lived on board the current star ship enterprise as represented in the new movie, would i be able to get myself a fella considering how there is ESSENTIALLY ONLY ONE WOMAN aboard and therefore my assets would be in demand?

i answered myself no, because i'd be following spock around, mooning over his sexy motherfucking face! Damn that elf-ear/angry-eyebrow combination!

Visited the Royal Armouries today and saw loads. Also chatted to lovely reenactment (interpretter) man who went by the name of Alex and was FUCKING HOT in a suit of armour. i mean this both aesthetically and in temperature. See also HOT in tudor garb of Doublet and Hose, again in both senses. Does wiping your sweaty face on your velvet pantaloons not damage the fabric? At least it wasn't an antique! This guy was wearing 6 Stone of armour and running around a stage in it acting out the battle of Bosworth. I have to say i was just a tad impressed with him.  See also his knowledge of Katana swords and Samurai armour. His face may have aided both these along a bit granted.

Can't decide at the moment if i'm prefering a Star Trek Future, or an Alex-the-Interpreter Past better?! Sling corsets, voluminous skirts, doublets and jousting on the enterprise and i think you're onto a winner!

So i'm now halfway through the episode before "amok time" with the delight of Pon Farr. I'm not sure spending something around an hour-ish watching 'horny spock' is going to be the best idea, but i'm stoked for it anyway.

Just gotta watch Apollo shake his godly ass and kirk overact a little bit more first. Dammit (Jim)!
20th-Jun-2009 07:25 pm(no subject)

Today has been decidedly unproductive.

I have a new cardigan. it is long, grey and incredibley snuggly. yay :]
I've drunk far too much tea and consequentially feel a little poorly.
I watched some more star trek, complete with spcok in medieval 'tights and legwarmers' combi.
I beat the CRAP out of nobody on TW and so feel underaccomplished.

Oh and my hair looks like some large and feathery avian-creature is residing in it.

Good day all round then :]

18th-Jun-2009 11:47 pm - awesomeness :]

omg win!
17th-Jun-2009 07:49 pm(no subject)

reading back i really am a typical teenage ball of "omgwhy"-style-angst!
now i just need some potter glasses.

For future reference,
Things I am Happy for:
warm, sugary tea.
over the knee socks.
Boss in motion aftershave.
buttered toast.
my Bffl and everything she brings to my life.
black sambuca.
cottage pie and the god's that invented it.
16th-Jun-2009 12:35 am(no subject)
Feeling calmer now than every before.

Must try to convince g.parents to give me emergency university money early so i can but a laptop with said money. Tight Fisted G.dad. This may prove difficult!

tomorrow proves to be an interesting day. tomorrow proves to be a good night.

wondering off to wonderland. falling through a closet.
living in an open novel makes life more interesting :]
9th-Jun-2009 01:23 pm(no subject)

Manchester was a like a dream
(of the pleasedon'twakeuppleasedon'twakeup variety)

i stopped procrastinating yesterday.
I am no longer afraid.
20th-May-2009 09:45 pm(no subject)
Taluhk nash-veh K'dular, Lizabeth.

my geek levels are growing.
and i'm ok with that :]
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